The Fear of Isaac

Genesis 31:42 “If the God of my father, the God of Abraham and the Fear of Isaac had not been on my side, surely now you would have sent me away empty handed.”

We need real faith, men. I’m not talking about the generic, soft spoken profession of faith so common in modern religion. We need bold faith that is rooted in the promises of God. Absolute conviction that He is who He says He is and stands good to follow through on His Word.

That kind of faith is less profession and more proclamation. And it cannot be ignored.

We’re not without example. Isaac took God’s promise to bless him in Genesis 26 to the bank…literally. Despite an oppressive famine, Isaac obediently put the brakes on a planned trip to Egypt, planting his crops in Gerar. This must have looked a lot like insanity to king Abimelech and his draught weary Philistines. Who plants a crop in the middle of a draught?! Bold faith probably looks and feels like madness more often than not.

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Months later when Isaac was reaping a high yielding “hundredfold” harvest (vs. 12), no one was laughing. The food starved marketplace was no doubt willing to pay a premium…and Isaac was the only game in town.

God promised a blessing, Isaac planted in faith, and God came through.

The people of Gerar took notice. Despite their skepticism, they couldn’t deny the outcome of the sold out, against all odds faith clinic that Isaac put on.

It may not have spurned belief, but another emotion was elicited among the Philistines: Fear. They ran Isaac out of town. A God who could grow a crop in those conditions was capable of anything.

There were no agnostics in Gerar that day.

A generation later, Isaac’s son Jacob would still refer to our God as “The Fear of Isaac” (Chapter 31).

Stay in the word, men. Take note of each promise God gives to His people and follow each story to it’s conclusion. I challenge you to find an occasion that God doesn’t reward faith or fulfill a promise. That story doesn’t exist.

What is God asking for that you’ve been holding back from in fear? Step out publicly and fearlessly. Look like a mad man this week. The world may say you’re crazy. I say you’re crazy not to.

Those around us may never come to our God as a result of our faith…but I pray we live in a manner that they have no choice but to believe he’s there.

What now?

1. Read the Word: Seek out specific places in scripture where God makes bold promises and follow the stories to completion. What is God telling you about His faithfulness?
2. Pray: What is God calling you to action on? Don’t be afraid to ask for His blessing as you step out in faith.
3. Act Quickly: The first step is often the hardest. Get things going before satan has an opportunity to cast doubt.
4. Work: Obedience isn’t without effort and God is not an ATM. Work hard toward the calling. God will multiply the effort.
Repeat Steps 1-4: Discouragement will come. Seek God continually and view obstacles as opportunities to honor God with even more “insane” faith than you started with.

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