Parted Any Water Lately?

MosesI was furious.  My boss had just stood before our senior leadership team and rattled off the list of folks who were “critical to the success of the project” and I wasn’t included.

I put weeks of work went into the project.  Not work weeks….whole weeks.  Late nights, weekends and early mornings were sacrificed to make an unlikely success a certain victory.  There were other people who put forth significant effort but it was common knowledge that I had “carried the ball”.

In all likelihood, he had simply forgotten to include me.  It was out of character for him not to recognize team players.  None of that mattered at the moment, though.  I knew that I would fade back into obscurity the second we adjourned and I was crushed.

Three years later, the project is still going strong and, as a result, our relationship with a key account customer continues to blossom and return value for shareholders.  None of this success is due to who did or didn’t get credit.  In fact, I seriously doubt that either of the senior execs in the room that day could name those that were recognized in that conference room.  What matters now is the fruit that was produced as a result of the collective efforts of those involved.

How many times do we repeat this scenario in a day?  There is opportunity for glory in almost everything we do.

“Honey, I took out the trash!”  Does she really need to know that badly?  Is she the one who will drive the trash truck around the corner and heft the full bags into the back just as soon as you let her know it’s on the curb and ready to go?

“John’s really having a tough time since he lost his job.  We bought groceries last week and took them over to his family.”  Really???  Would you rather have a cookie or a merit badge for that good deed?  I’m sure John’s really thankful that you got a gold star for helping him through a humbling and potentially embarrassing situation.

I say “you” generically in the above examples but I could just as easily substitute “I”.  I dare say we’re all guilty at times.

Everything God does, is done for His glory.  When we seek recognition, we’re really saying “You couldn’t have done that without me, God.”

Lie. Lie. Lie.  We can accomplish NOTHING.  ZERO.  ZILCH without God working in us and through us.

Our human nature wants us to feel special. This is not a sin that we choose to participate in. It’s evil engrained in us.  It’s in the DNA of our humanity….and the very reason we so desperately need Christ.

The next time you feel like you didn’t receive deserved recognition, do what I’ve learned to do:  Think about who parted the waters in the Bible.

You just thought of Moses didn’t you???  Let’s check.

God did it solo first (GEN 1:6-7).

THEN, He did it through Moses (EXODUS 14:21-22).

THEN, He did it through Joshua (JOSHUA 3:15-17).

THEN, He did it through Elijah (2KINGS 2:7-8).

THEN, He did it through Elisha (2KINGS 2:13-14).

Feel a little humbled about your grand accomplishment yet? Give that glory to the Creator and focus on the joy of being allowed to be a part of His work.

I know…it’s tough.

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  • Andrew Clark

    Ouch! And AMEN!