In-Dependence Day: Why Independence Got Us Where We Are and What Dependence Means for Revival in America.

One glance at the news in Anytown, USA will reveal a host of ongoing, festering debates on topics ranging the spectrum. None ever seem to reach resolution. It’s as if the conflict itself is more important than the outcome.


Each voice in the crowd has their own position. Most seek only a resolution of their own independent design. A minority seeks the consensus of community…even if the consensus is mis-guided.

Though many profess in, precious few actively seek God’s Design for our country.

Why is that? Why have Christians chosen to be the silent spectator as so many others rush to the rope to passionately tug in favor of their own beliefs?

I believe we’ve mis-interpreted our role as peace champions to mean conflict avoidance. In a sea of vehemently “independent” aggressors, we’ve chosen to be victim to the ebbing and flowing of public preference for the sake of not making waves.

Tweet: It’s time for American believers to turn passive “Independence” into active “In-Dependence” on God.

Jesus didn’t seek conflict but he certainly didn’t shy away from it, either. Remember the overturned money tables in the temple?

Nothing in scripture indicates we are called to passivity or political correct-ness. We’re called to be bold bearers of the truth…just with a proper heart, with love and in a peaceful way.

This battle will be long and exhausting. Our position is not popular today and won’t be met with the same peaceful disposition that we share it with. None of this changes our mission. If we want our nation back, we must take it back.

If done in the right way, in dependence on Him and in faith that He is for us, He’ll honor or efforts. Victory is certain.

Pray for revival in America. Pray for a re-energized body of believers recruiting with evangelism, training with discipleship, and fighting with faith.

Happy In-Dependence Day!

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