How NOT to Bless Your Friends

good-friendsI have a “How are you?” habit.

I can’t help it.  It comes out before I can catch it.

The problem with greeting people with this question is that you must be willing to actually listen to how they are doing.

Sure ninety percent of folks also have an “I’m fine” habit which gives me an easy out.  The other ten percent scare me.

That not-so-merry band of brothers and sisters are the honest ones.  They’re the people who realize the benefit of community and find no use in disguising themselves as “having it together” when they are falling apart.

Want to know how to really kick them while they’re down?

Tell them you’ll pray for them.  Then DON’T.

As believers, we keep certain phrases on standby.  These are the phrases that carry sincerity but are empty if we don’t follow up on the commitment they imply.

Multiple variations of “I’ll pray for you” clutter my top ten most used.

From my own actions, I’ve learned that most people who use this phrase on me will likely never follow up on that promise unless they stop on the spot to make note of the circumstances.

It is the same as saying “I know a guy who is an expert a fixing what you’re dealing with.  In fact, he has a 100% success rate.  And the best part?  He works for FREE!  I’m going to call him and tell him about your issue.  I’m going to KEEP calling him until he provides you resolution and relief”

But then you never call the guy.

Prayer is a commitment.

The next time you catch yourself saying “I’ll be praying for you”, stop and make note.  Immediately.  If you have a smart phone, set a reminder.  Right there in the moment.  Besides reminding you to follow up on your promise, it also sends an encouraging message to your friend that you’ll be intentional about remembering them in prayer.

Better yet, offer to pray over them at that moment. Then they KNOW your a prayer warrior that follows through!

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  • hit. nail. on. head.

    I try not to say I will pray for someone because #1. I don ‘t believe others when they say it and #2. I will probably forget myself…

    one thing I really want to do but have allowed fear to stop me is praying with someone right there in the moment before you leave them…it increases community and your relationship with that person…

    april from the startexp

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