Hi, I’m Shane.

If you’ve landed here, you’ve probably read a little of my blog and are wondering what I’m all about.  I’m always skeptical of “About” pages because they’re usually only as good as the creativity of the person who wrote them.  Since I fancy myself a writer, I’d say it’s a fair assumption that I’m at least marginally creative and any effort to tell my own story might come with a certain bit of embellishment.

So, as an exercise in humility, I’ll tell you who I am through the eyes of those who know me best.

This should be interesting.

My parents would tell you I’m a pretty good egg.  The trouble with eggs is that they don’t do much other than sit there until you crack them open and get to what they’re made of.  That’s when an egg really adds value to your life.  I’d agree with this analogy.  On the surface, I’m pretty boring and a bit lazy.  If you take the time to break through my shell, there are deeper yolk-like values that exceed what you see on the surface.

The analogy ends there…I prefer not to be boiled, fried or scrambled and no one on the planet wants to see me “sunny side up”.

They’d also tell you I’m a dreamer (in a good way) and that they’re proud of me.  One of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received.

My wife would tell you I’m a provider.  She’d also tell you that I sometimes get too wrapped up in my role as provider and forget about some of my other roles.  She could also apply the procrastinator label if she wanted to.  I own that one.

What can I say??  I’m a work in progress.

She’d sum it all up by saying I’m her best friend.  Yep.  We’re “Besties”,  “BFF’s” and all those other words that 99.9% of grown men would never use.  Did I say “soulmate”?  Yep.  That one too.  There’s no shame in my game.

My daughter would tell you I’m “The Best”.  In fact, she tells me that a lot.  I’m the most in conflict with this one.  She undoubtedly has the most positive opinion of me.  Yet this is one of the relationships where I feel like I need the most improvement.

She’d also tell you about the time when she was just a few weeks old and pooped in my hand while I bathed her.  I’m not sure why I ever shared that nugget with her (pun intended) but I’m confident it’ll become a less popular story for her to tell strangers when she’s a teenager.

My boss would tell you I meet expectations.  I know that because that’s what I always receive on my annual review: “meets expectations”.  What’s a brutha gotta do to get an “exceeds expectations” around here?!

In reality, that’s a fair assessment.  He’d also say I’m excellent starter but not always a great finisher.  I have tons of room to grow.  Oh, and that procrastination thing I mentioned earlier???  It might come up here too.  But so would consistency, loyalty, and hard work.

My dog would tell you I’m mean.  I mean really mean.  I can’t explain to you the satisfaction that I get from repeatedly kicking an innocent animal.

That last part isn’t true.  I just wanted to make sure you were still paying attention.  The “boys” (the collective term we use to reference our Schnauzer and German Shepherd) think I’m pretty cool too.

My God would tell you I’m His.  It’s hard to grasp, but true.  He knows me better than any of the folks we’ve talked about and He doesn’t have a single bad thing to say about me.  In fact, He has no recollection of me ever disappointing Him.  I HAVE disappointed Him on countless occasions…and I wear many of these memories like tattoos.  I look at them often and let them shape my opinion of myself.  Not a healthy thing do but it sneaks up on me if I’m not staying in the Word.

I’m guessing I’m not alone in this right?  Good.  Because fellowship brings healing.

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That pretty much sums me up.  However, just like that egg we talked about, there’s still a lot of good “yolk” in my head that you’ll want to get to.  That’s where the nutrition is, you know.  Here are  five of my favorite posts to get you started:

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It’s been great meeting you!  I look forward to getting to know you through your comments on my posts or via the contact form HERE.  You can also find me on social media!

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