Gavels are Heavier Than They Look

GavelI would argue that the sin of judgment is one of the greatest obstacles to be overcome by Christians.

It stands between us and God.

It stands between us and us (fellow Christians).

It stands between us and our spouses.

It stands between us and our children.

It stands between us and the lost.

It stands between us and the person God wants us to be.

This is one of Satan’s favorite weapons in the arsenal because of its flexibility in playing against our weaknesses.  Because of this, it doesn’t even have to be present to still be effective!  Perceived judgment is perhaps the most powerful kind.

“Pastor Smith didn’t say hello this morning when we passed him in the foyer…is he upset because we missed last Sunday?”

“Jon didn’t say ‘I love you’ before he left for work this morning.  Is he still bent out of shape over that purse I bought?”

It creeps in.  It festers.

Then it explodes.

“We need to start looking for a new church home.  The people here are hypocrites.”

“If he’s going to hold a grudge over that purse, let’s see how he feels about eating alone tonight while I go out with the girls.”

Satan plays on our insecurities to drive wedges deep in hopes of an eventual fracture.  This isn’t the only play in his playbook though.  He also uses those insecurities to create judgment in our hearts against people and people groups that are different than we are.

This keeps us happy and comfortable within our inner circle, standing in the warmth of a sphere of light staring out into the dark, glad we’re not “out there”.  This is the opposite of the gospel and antithetical to The Great Commission to “Go and make Disciples”.

Sound like a pretty effective tool for the enemy?  You bet.

Satan knows that each of us is at our own spot in the journey to spiritual maturity.

Perceived judgment may work on the seeker who’s stepped into the church for the first time or the new believer just diving into fellowship and scripture; but for those a little further down the trail, he may need to step up his game a little and run the “different people are outside my comfort zone” play.

Mature believers know well the Truth found in 2Timothy 1:7 that “…God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self control.”

Use this scripture in your walk.  Remember it, pray it and live it. Fight your fears with the power, love and self control given to us by Holy Spirit. Know He chose to love you specifically and unconditionally and expects nothing less of you in your interactions with others.

Without insecurity (aka “fear”), judgment has no quarter in our life.

Leave the gavel in the hand of The One who can handle that responsibility and power.  Our place is not in the courtroom anyway…we’ve been commissioned to “Go and make” not “stay and judge”!

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