Five Tips to Help You Pray SPECIFIC

prayingThere can be benefits to shopping generic brands.  Sometimes you get the same great performance that you would expect from a name brand item.  Other times the results can be as generic as the product.  Is generic prayer any different?

I’m not saying that the quality of God’s response is in anyway correlated to the quality of our prayer.  His plan is perfect.  However, when we pray SPECIFIC, we give Him the opportunity to answer SPECIFIC.  This leaves no room for doubt as to the source of the blessing.

Here are five tips that I’ve found to be helpful in keeping track of my SPECIFIC prayer requests in a busy world:

  1.  There’s an app for that! The folks at Evernote have created a terrific application for keeping lists, notes, photos, and even audio files easily accessible for anyone with a Smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC.  It’s excellent for keeping a detailed prayer list that syncs to all your devices. You can find their homepage here.
  2. Be a Name Dropper.  God knows.  But when interceding in prayer, it’s good that YOU know too.  Try not to pray for “Johnny Thomas’s cousin down South who has a health issue.”  Pray instead for “Trent Thomas in Bastrop, Louisiana who is fighting lung cancer.”  It’s usually OK to ask for these details.  DON’T use this as an excuse to be nosey when it’s obvious that privacy is a concern.
  3. Location! Location! Location!  Are you praying for God’s hand on something that has a specific geographic location?  If it’s nearby, go there!  Praying at the site of the need will add focus and intentionality to your prayer.  God likes both of these!
  4. Timing is Everything.  I recently had a group of friends go on mission in South America.  They did an awesome job updating their Facebook page daily with the where and when of the itinerary.  As a result, I was able to set reminders (Evernote can do this too) and pray at the exact time that I knew they would be facing challenges and opportunities.  God’s answer can even be “real time” if He wants it to be!
  5. It Is What It Is.  I generally hate this expression but, in regards to prayer, it’s surprisingly accurate.  When praying for repentance or for help with sin you’re fighting, don’t sugarcoat it.  God knows the ugly details and is eager to forgive and strengthen you.  If we gloss over the issue, we’re telling God we think we can hide it from Him.  Lay it at His feet.  If we give it ALL to Him, He will remove it ALL from us.  It’s impossible to overstate the magnitude of that fact.

What blessings have you seen that were SPECIFIC responses to SPECIFIC requests you made to our King?

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